Using Storage Baskets To Organize Your Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens can be hard to organize. There is limited space yet there is an infinite amount of kitchen supplies that must be stored. Using baskets to organize your small kitchen is a practical and easy solution to gain that much needed space. Beautiful baskets have been my favorite way to store stuff for years. Baskets come in many shapes and sizes. You can find a basket for just about anything. They are functional yet stylish. These are my go to storage system for any room in my house but especially the kitchen. Baskets make arranging your small kitchen a simple task.

Handmade Round Basket, Woven Basket with Handle, Rustic Basket

Most kitchens are not designed for optimal storage. I have too much storage in my kitchen said no one ever! 

Kitchen cabinets with drawers are much more functional than cabinets with doors. Unfortunately, as we found out with our kitchen remodel that cabinets with drawers are more expensive than doors which means the cabinets are fitted with stationary shelves.

Cabinets with doors and stationery shelves are what we opted for, to save money.

Shelves are harder to organize due to the depth of the cabinet. Of course, you could also get cabinets with pull out shelves but again that is an added expense.

Use Creative Storage To Organize Your Kitchen

It is time to get creative with storage when you are limited by mobility and space.

Arranging your small kitchen can easily be achieved by using baskets to store all your essentials!

Especially if all of your cabinets have shelves rather than drawers. Baskets can easily be fitted onto shelves. Then all you have to do is pull the basket from the shelf to get what you need. No more wasted space or lost stuff in the back of cabinets.

The simple solution is to use baskets to maximize kitchen storage space.

Baskets are a practical and simple answer to add storage space to a small kitchen. They are stylish and come in many shapes and sizes. You are sure to find baskets to fit your needs.

How To Use Baskets To Organize Your Small Kitchen

An efficient kitchen must be organized in order for it to work properly. So, using baskets will keep order in your small kitchen.

Handmade Round Basket, Woven Basket, Natural Basket, Home Decor, Rustic Basket

Store Kitchen Towels 

I use a plastic basket to store all my kitchen towels.

I fold them neatly to fit inside then slide the basket onto a cabinet shelf near the sink. This does three things:

* The towels aren’t scattered since they are contained in the basket. I can find what towel I want easily since all I have to do is slide the basket out.

* It is very easy to store towels by folding. It keeps them neat.

* The basket will only hold so much therefore I can’t keep buying cute dish towels without letting go of old towels.

Store Cookbooks

How many of us collect cookbooks but have no place to store them? I am one. I love cookbooks.

There is limited storage space for cookbooks in a small kitchen. A good solution is to take your favorite cookbooks and place them in a basket. They are pretty to look at. This makes the basket pretty and functional. A winning combination.

If you have the space, you could display them on your kitchen counter or perhaps a side table in your dining room.

Store Cake And Cookie Decorating Supplies

Handmade Round Basket, Woven Basket, Natural Basket, Home Decor, Rustic Basket

I have struggled with where to store all my cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies. Since I only use these items a couple of times per year, I don’t want to dedicate an entire shelf in my kitchen to it. I own a lot of cookie cutters.  

The solution I found is a flat, rectagular basket from Target. I have an area in my kitchen that houses the microwave that is huge! Since, the microwave isn’t very big, it doesn’t take up the entire cabinet which makes the cabinet look odd.

Hand Woven Rectangle Woven Basket with Lip, Vietnam Traditional Handmade Rattan Wicker Storage Basket

I don’t know what kind of microwave that cabinet is supposed to hold. An industrial one? It’s big.

Anyway, this flat basket sits on top of the microwave. The basket fills the space so it doesn’t look awkward.

Inside the basket are my cookie cutters, pastry bags and tips, food coloring pastes and more. All hidden from view. I feel I gained a ton more cabinet space with this one basket.

Crocks Of Cooking Utensils

Keeping minimal things on my kitchen counter is important. I like the counter space to be clutter free however, I do keep a shallow basket filled with my favorite cooking tools on my counter. I believe in keeping essential items within reach when I am cooking. By corralling these items together, it keeps my counter tidy.

Fruit Basket, Rustic Basket, Vietnam Handmade Storage Basket, Woven Basket

There are two crocks full of cooking tools such as whisks, spoons and spatulas on my kitchen counter. Sitting behind those, I keep two cutting boards in the basket. I have a knife block that sits within reach of the basket.

When I am cooking, all I have to do is reach for what I need rather than searching through drawers or cabinets. This basket is so pretty yet functional.

Pantry Organization In A Small Kitchen

Not all kitchens are equipped with a dedicated pantry. To gain space for a pantry in your cabinets, use tall baskets to corral like items together. This will help to use the vertical space in your cabinets as well as the horizontal shelf space.

* Baskets of onions and potatoes stored separately are perfect for a small pantry.

* Loose packages of spice mixes, gravy mixes and packets of seasoning blends can be kept corralled in a cabinet with a small basket.

*Group like items together in a basket to maximize efficiency and space. Such as a lunch basket or breakfast basket. Or a snack basket.

Baskets should be tagged or labeled with the contents, making items easier to find.

Take bagged food out of their boxes to make more room in the basket. Bulky boxes are a waste of space. Just be sure to date the bag. This makes cleaning time that much easier.

I love coffee. Putting my Keurig K-Cups in a basket in my pantry, this makes it easy for me to grab the coffee I want quickly. A big plus in the morning. If you like tea instead, you could easily do this with tea bags.

Think of how to best organize baskets according to the needs of yourself and your family.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets With Baskets

I like to use baskets in my kitchen cabinets because I can store lots of stuff in them and place the basket on a shelf. Then I can easily pull the basket off the shelf to get what I need.

I don’t like to rummage in the back of cabinets. Using baskets eliminates the possibility of stuff getting lost in the back of the cabinet.

Consider using baskets to store:

Baking sheets and pans

Plastic food storage containers

Table linens Boxes of plastic wrap, aluminum foil and sandwich bags

Hand Woven Rectangle Basket with Lip, Vietnam Traditional Handmade Rattan Wicker Storage Basket

Now you can use baskets to organize your small kitchen, too!

I hope this inspires you to grab some baskets and maximize your kitchen space!


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