How to Choose Relaxing Wall Painting For Your Therapy Office

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Choosing the appropriate art for a room is the most difficult task to decorating a therapy office.

You’ll need at least two art pieces. One soothing large piece of art that draws the client into the room and one medium-sized art that will be in view of the client when they are seated.

Which wall should the large wall art hang on?

First you’ll need to choose your focal wall. Since the sofa and accent tables with lamps on them draw the most attention in the room, that area is the focal point of the room. Hang your large wall art behind the sofa.

How do you narrow down your search?

Let me save you at least 20 hours of searching! Come, step into my gallery below…

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Here are some medium-sized art pieces (in view of clients when they are seated):

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How do you know which size to choose?

You will want the art to be a minimum of half the length of the sofa, but the best size will fall somewhere between 2/3 – 3/4 of the length of the sofa.

What else should you consider when picking a calming piece of wall art for your clients?

Make sure to steer clear of anything that the client may have bad associations with. I avoid all images of people. The best choices are abstract or landscape paintings with soothing colors in them. There are many styles of abstract art. Avoid bold or graphic patterns and look for more organic soft lines (think marbled design rather than geometric shapes).


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